GSD-Get Shit Done

-3.5 inch blade, satin finish-s35vn steel                 -interchangeable pocket clip and clip plate   

-4.5 inch Titanium-bolster lock                               -low profile flipper

Retail $400+ shipping         

The Nuk-is a collab with BattlBox.  These are not built by Reate. This is an Apoc inspired fighter. 3.75 inch Tanto blade with a black finish in D2 steel. Toxic milled pivot with moon glow insert. 4.75 inch bead blast steel handles with milled pockets for moon glow inserts. G-10 backspacer. Comes with keychain light to charge moon glow.  weight is 6.2 ounces.  I ask Battlbox for a few to be able to offer it to my fans. Price is $125 + shipping

Current Offerings

The KUF-Kitchen Utility Folder.  While I know you wont use it in your kitchen, I feel it will be useful out in the field. The KUF has a 4 inch blade -S35VN steel-Stonewash finish. The black Carbon Fiber version has an intergral back spacer. Titanium hardware with ano pivots and clips. Retail is $375+ shipping

Endevour stonewash

Belt Satin Finished Blade.Blue Ano Stonewashed handle. Silver Accents. Retail- $500

​Endevour Bronze Bead Blast

Stonewashed with blue accents. Only a few left. Retail $500

XV Folder. The XV is my 15 year Anniversary Knife. The XV is my first integral handle folder.  To keep the weight down, I milled the outside ala Michael Burch. He gave me his blessing. The blades are hand ground. The radical sculpting of the handle-mold to your hands. These are built by David Deng and the Reate team.  4 inch blade-S35VN steel. Sculpted titanium handles, Steel lock insert. Reversible titanium pocket clip. There will be 4 different finishes. Total 300 pieces.

Version Two-Tuxedo

Black PVD coating on stonewash frames, backspacer and clip. Ivory Micarta Scales

Ace Spinner

Titanium construction with ceramic and stainless ball bearing.. 3 color versions. Blue, Bronze and Green .Retail $50 + shipping

HandRub Satin Finished Blade. Wired Wheel Handle. Blue Accents. Retail-$600 

Warrior 2- For those of you who missed the first batch, David had some parts left over from the original run of Warrior 2. I asked him to add a little Tritium to the backspacer. 3.75 inch blade-S35VN steel. Full 3d Sculpted Titanium handle, clip, backspacer and hardware. Retail-$475

KUF Carbon Fiber

1/4 inch thick titaniumXeno. This is a larger size at 5 inch in length. Features a pry bar/screwdriver, bottler opener, 1/4 inch hex bit holder along with hex wrenches, belt and finger loop. Price is $80.00 + shipping

Version One-Bling

Wired Wheel finish frames, backspacer and clip. Black carbon fiber scales

Black PVD coated-stonewashed blade, handle and clip. Blue Accents. Retail- $550

EndevourDesign.  The Blade is 3.75 inches and hand ground. Made from S35VN, we get the steel from Speciality Metals in Texas. Handrub flat with machine satin grinds. 3D milled slot on the blade to use in thumb opening. The handles are 4.75 inches. They start from a half inch billet of Titanium. The backspacer integrated to both halves of the handle. We then milled pockets to lighten the overall weight. The clip also starts from a half inch billet if ti. Instead of inserting a ball bearing in the front, David's team milled a ball out of the titanium. The clip is blindscrewed into the frame. The low profile flipper disappear into the frame when deployed. Weight is 5.5 ounces.  price $425 + shipping