​​SDC-Slim Daily Carry version 2.  New design that I have been working on for a number of years. David of Reate knives have done an outstanding job on these. 3.75 inch  blade and 1 1/8 at the widest point. S35VN steel-stonewash and hand rub satin. Titanium handles with lightening pocket in the frame. Ti backspacer with milled clip. Blue titanium hardware.  Price $350 + shipping

​Endevour Bronze Bead Blast

GSD-Get Shit Done

-3.5 inch blade, satin finish-s35vn steel

-4.5 inch Titanium-bolster lock

-interchangeable pocket clip with clip plate

-low profile flipper      

Retail $425 + shipping                  

Endevour stonewash

.I am honored to offer the New Endevour Design.  The Blade is 3.75 inches and hand ground. Made from S35VN, we get the steel from Speciality Metals in Texas. Handrub flat with machine satin grinds. 3D milled slot on the blade to use in thumb opening. The handles are 4.75 inches. They start from a half inch billet of Titanium. The backspacer integrated to both halves of the handle. We then milled pockets to lighten the overall weight. The clip also starts from a half inch billet if ti. Instead of inserting a ball bearing in the front, David's team milled a ball out of the titanium. The clip is blindscrewed into the frame. The low profile flipper disappear into the frame when deployed. Weight is 5.5 ounces.  

price $445 + shipping

Special Edition-Carbon Fiber Tempest. 3.75 in blade made from S35vn steel. Two tone blade-satin flats, stone wash bevels. Titanium framelock with harden lock insert. Beautifully contoured 3D machined Carbon Fiber scale. Takes the weight from 5.5 ounces to 4.8 ounces.  As some of you may know, I love carbon fiber but it destroys milling bits. This makes it cost more to work with than other materials. Redesigned 3d machined pocket clip. All hardware are titanium and screws are ano blue. There are only 49 pieces. That is all. First come first served.Price-$435+shipping

GSD-Get Shit Done

Version Two-Tuxedo

Black PVD coating on stonewash frames, backspacer and clip. Ivory Micarta Scales

TheNuk-is a collab with BattlBox.  These are not built by Reate. This is an Apoc inspired fighter. 3.75 inch Tanto blade with a black finish in D2 steel. Toxic milled pivot with moon glow insert. 4.75 inch bead blast steel handles with milled pockets for moon glow inserts. G-10 backspacer. Comes with keychain light to charge moon glow.  weight is 6.2 ounces

I ask Battlbox for a few to be able to offer it to my fans.

Price is $150 + shipping

Carbon Fiber Warrior One-David and his team have been working round the clock to get these to me. I love carbon fiber and wanted it on the Warrior one design. The specs are the same. 3.4 inch blade made of S35VN steel. Titanium framelock with lightening pockets. Aircraft grade Carbon Fiber. Sculpted clip and all hardware are Titanium and wired wheel. Weight 3.6 ounces.

Price $350.00 + shipping  Thank you

1/4 inch thick titanium Xeno. This is a larger size at 5 inch in length. Features a pry bar/screwdriver, bottler opener, 1/4 inch hex bit holder along with hex wrenches, belt and finger loop. Price is $120.00 + shipping

Current Offerings

Price $445+shipping

Version One-Bling

Wired Wheel finish frames, backspacer and clip. Black carbon fiber scales

Remedy-Sibert Edition

This is a hand ground bladed Remedy folder by Shane Sibert. 3.75 in blade-S35VN steel. Alan folts and I fitted the stop pin and lock to each knife. There is a tree bark texture to the handles. I finished in a flat -shiny gray finish.  All hardware are titanium and are individually wired wheel finished. pivot caps and standoffs are ano.  Price is $800 + shipping. Thank you

The KUF-Kitchen Utility Folder.  While I know you wont use it in your kitchen, I feel it will be useful out in the field. The KUF has a 4 inch blade -S35VN steel-Stonewash finish. The black Carbon Fiber version has an intergral back spacer. While the Westinghouse Brown Canvas Micarta Version has a titanium back spacer. Both are Titanium Frameloicks. Titanium hardware with ano pivots and clips.  There are only a limited supply as there was a shortage of handle material. The CF is from AJ composites in WA. And the Westinghouse Micarta is also made in the USA. Both of which I had to bring to David.

There are 90 of the Carbon Fiber and 40 of the Micarta.

Retail is $375+ shipping

KUF-Carbon Fiber

Ace Spinner

Titanium construction with ceramic and stainless ball bearing.. 3 color versions. Blue, Bronze and Green.

Retail $68 + shipping